Caterpillar Vase


The Caterpillar are super cute glass flower vases for single flower heads.  Each of the round clear glass balls are joined together in a row, there is no separation between the balls so you only need to fill one hole with water and you will fill the whole vase.   They are a great gift and absolutely perfect for a window sill.

We love to fill these with both fresh and dried flowers.

Big Caterpillar 

  • 4 round clear glass balls
  • Material: extruded tube glass, which means it’s glass but it’s thin and delicate
  • Dimensions: 13” long, 4″ wide, 3.5″ ,tall

You can add dried or fresh flowers to this using the options below.

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Small Caterpillar (6 Balls), Big Caterpillar (4 Balls)